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Oregon State Uniforms... Different, or the Same?

A few months ago Kyle at Dawg Sports commented on the uglniness factor of Oregon State's uniforms. I begged to differ, saying that the uniforms never really bugged me. But on further review, I can see how the little curved line on the neck could have appeared atrocious to some.


I was browsing through some on-line fan shops last night when I stumbled across the jerseys. Let me start again with the original picture of Mike Hass:

Ok. And here is the flat version of that you would see in an on-line store. I think....

Notice how if this was to be worn over a pair of pads, the line would curve, creating the "jumbled shoulder mess" that Kyle described.

Here is where I am going to take a wild guess. I found a picture of a jersey that looked different, and I am assuming that it is the new release of this years' replica jerseys. The line looks more curved when the uniform is flat.

But I can't quite picture what this would look like on a player. That white line will still curve, but I can't quite figure out if it will be better or worse.

Again, I could be totally wrong on all of this.

Your Thoughts?

While we're on the topic of clothes for the new season, OSU released their new styles of hats:


The phone lines are open. Comment below.

Go Beavers!