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Practice Gets off to a "Descent" Start

OSU opened practice Friday at Prothro Field, and Mike Riley described it as "Descent."

"A decent start," Riley said of Friday's three-hour workout. "We've got some great things to build on and some obvious things to improve."

Some notes from Friday:

  • Marcel Love and Ruben Jackson were present, and both played second string at Split End and Flanker, respectively.
  • Matt Moore, as expected, took the majority of the snaps, but Canfield still impressed. Moore looked like he had been getting some throws in with the receivers over the summer, but Canfield looked a couple steps behind.

Moore said he feels more comfortable with the system now. This is the first year that he has played with the same offensive system two years in a row. Said Moore:

"The comfort level is nice, just going up to the line, not thinking about a million things, and knowing where guys are going to be," Moore said. "I don't know how to explain it. Everything is a little slower to me now."
  • Tight End Joe Newton made it through the first day of practice without injury. He ruptured a ligament in his left foot doing agility drills on the first day of practice last year.

The Beavers practice again at 2 p.m. today.

Go Beavers!