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Casey has second thoughts on Field Turf

As I've mentioned before, Oregon State has been planning to install Field Turn in the infield of Coleman Field. But now, Casey is having second thoughts:

From the Trib:

"We're the grass seed capital of the U.S.," Casey says. "We've lost one game to rain in 12 years. We'll see if we can upgrade the drainage system, but we just don't get rained out of games. We may lose some outdoor practice time, but we have a great (indoor) facility in Truax. We're still kicking the idea around."

I hope they keep the grass. Turf has its perks, but when it comes down too it, baseball was meant to be played on Grass. There's nothing better than walking into a baseball stadium to see the grounds crew manicuring the infield, chalking the first base line, and watering down the dirt.

And besides, the field looks beautiful as is. The new scoreboard will make it look even better.

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Go Beavers!