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Morning Orange Juice: 27 days!

As the above counter almost reaches the point we can count down the days with letters of the alphabet, we continue to amuse ourselves with whatever we can. In today's case:

  • The Oregon State Media Guide is out. Get your copy today, or view the Online Version. Nothing smells better than a crisp new Media Guide at about this time of the year. It's 208 pages of Oregon Statey goodness. Mmm...

And I might add... any college girls out there... it might be worth the $25 just to get a copy to look at those studly men on the cover... -wink- I'll try to get a picture of the cover on the site sometime soon.

  • I will now direct your attention to a nice little tribute done by Kyle at Dawg Sports:

Again, that's all from Kyle at Dawg Sports. Well Said. And, for what it's worth, the Beavers aren't mentioned once.

  • In other news, Reebok, or should I say... Rbk, released the new Vince Young Logo. Peter at Burnt Orange Nation likes it, and the hat tip goes to him for this logo.

I like it too. It's kinda Tiger Woods "TW"ish... but there's not a whole lot you can do with two letters. Just wait until a super star comes along whose initials aren't symmetrical.

Go Beavers!