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You May Need to Find a Different Route into Corvallis

A flatbed truck carrying a forklift crashed into three crossbeams of the Marys River Bridge yesterday, causing a need to detour Northbound traffic to the Highway 34 bypass, and this problem will carry over today and affect commutes to the football game. Southbound traffic will not be affected. Here is the release from OSU Athletics:


Due to an accident on the Mary's River bridge in the North bound lane of Highway 99 in south Corvallis on Wednesday, traffic coming to Corvallis from the south on HWY 99 will be diverted onto the bypass and will have to enter Corvallis over the Harrison Street Bridge. Fans coming from this direction to attend the game are encouraged to turn left at Crystal Lake Drive and reach Philomath Blvd. through Avery Park to avoid adding additional congestion to the downtown and bypass area.

After the game all non-game traffic using HWY 99 north bound will be forced onto the HWY 20/34 bypass. Hopefully this will not be a significant amount of traffic but the additional traffic may slow exiting the stadium and returning to highway 34. The limited number of available streets to detour traffic from HWY 99 make this absolutely necessary. Please be patient as you exit the stadium, everything that can be done to expedite the post-game traffic in a safe manner is being done. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance.


You have been warned.

Go Beavers!

Picture by CASEY CAMPBELL/Gazette Times