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Everything is Bigger in Texas: I Told You So Edition

I wasn't lying when I told you that Texas was putting in a freaking 55 by 134 foot scoreboard in their stadium. Take a look:

The University had to upgrade their power utilities just to run the thing. Heck, it probably took 7 guys to plug it in.

Afraid of the scoreboard overheating in the Texas heat? Install 40 5-ton Air Conditioning Units. No problem.

They say the support columns are as big as redwood tree trunks. The grounding bolts are 5 inches wide.

A more proper name? How about Godzillatron?

"Maybe we should try to trademark it," Daktronics spokesman Mark Steinkamp said.

Next thing you know, college kids will be shelling out cash to sit at mid-field and play Halo 2 tournaments.

Nah, that might not work. To much strain would be put on the neck because you would have to constantly be turning your head to see the whole screen.

They could probably get a more proper view from Houston.


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