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Open Thread: Your Opinion on the Quarterbacks, One Last Time

We've got five days until kickoff against Eastern Washington, so before the season gets underway, lets take one more oppertunity to talk about our quarterbacks. With 21 votes casted as of now in the last poll, 47% of you readers say that Matt Moore has impressed you the most, and 23% say newcomer Lyle Moevao. Ryan Gunderson comes in at third, and Canfield at fourth. Detailed results:

What Beaver QB has impressed you the most?
Matt Moore   10 votes - 47 %
Sean Canfield   2 votes - 9 %
Ryan Gunderson   4 votes - 19 %
Lyle Moevao   5 votes - 23 %

The point behind this poll was to literally find out what quarterback has impressed people the most, even if that quarterback isn't your favorite or the one who you think will start the most games.

To some extent, I was surprised at the results of this poll. Lyle is a great young player, and has the potential to compete for playing time in the next couple years. The only thing working against him is that he is a Sophomore, and with Gunderson a junior and Canfield a freshman, he will have some stiff competition to go up against. There has been a lot of hype about Canfield, and if Lyle wants a chance, he will have to really impress the coaches this season and next.

But still, the point of the poll was to see what Quarterback was most impressive to you, not to see who you thought would see the most playing time.

To address that issue, a new poll has been posted, this time with the task of tackling just that.

Vote now in the sidebar to your right, and discuss the quarterbacks to your heart's extent in the comment section below.

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Beaver Nation, this is your site. With football season upcoming, let's strike up some discussion and root the Beavs on to a great season.

Go Beavers!