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The Oregonian's OSU Season Preview: How Pessimestic Can You Get?

Ok, so no matter where you live, your local paper probably runs some sort of a team preview or college football preview at about... right now. Well, in Oregon State's case, The Oregonian ran it's issue today. And it appears that somebody is trying to make some waves with the game-by-game previews of Oregon State's opponents. Not that they go too in-depth or anything, each game has a witty sentence or two. Key word: witty.

So that brings me to the part that irks me a bit. Let me share some selected examples of what I'm talking about. See if you agree.

Aug. 31, Eastern Washington: Thursday night ambush? Former OSU tailback Ryan Cole would love to leave cleat marks on his old teammates.

Okay. So this one could be taken either way. Is the whole "Thursday night ambush" referring to Eastern Washington getting ambushed, or the Beavs? My first instinct was to say the Beavers, because of the Ryan Cole slant they throw in there at the end. But still, even if you're a College Beat writer, you're going to be behind the team you're covering to some extent. I still see where they are coming from, but I don't know that I would say that if I were them. Moving on...

Sept. 23, Idaho, 7 p.m. Let's see, what's the story angle here... Oh yeah, former Beavers coach Dennis Erickson returns to Corvallis as the Vandals' coach.

Again, this could be taken a number of different ways. It doesn't sound that bad at first. But when you think about it, it sounds more and more like somebody is trying to send a message to Riley. Which, a lot of people have been doing, so it's not that huge of a surprise.

Oct. 21, at Arizona OSU made Wildcat's freshman Willie Tuitama look like John Elway last season. Tuitama went for 335 yards and two touchdowns.

Okay. So that's true. Rub it in, Rub it in.

So... enough of those. You catch my drift. The first time I read Oregon State's preview, then Oregon's, I thought Oregon State's was way harsher. If that's even a word. The first two quotes I mentioned were the ones that really made me think.

If you want, check out the rest of the games here, or pick up a copy of today's Oregonian.

Go Beavers!