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Friday Mornin' Quick Hits: Welcome to the Doldrums

Yes, a pleasant welcome to you all. I will be your driver. Please take a seat, we're in for a long ride. To eat, we offer you some food for thought:

Ah, you guessed it. We're inside a week to go until Beaver Nation unites at Reser Stadium for our match up with Eastern Washington. Sometimes time flies, like, say, on vacations. But other times, like... waiting... for... football... season... to... start.... seem to take forever. Especially the last week, when all you want to do is hop into your hot little sports car and motor on down I-5, park your car in the lot, hit up your college buddies' tailgater for a dog and a beer, and walk sideways into the stadium just in time for the game to start and for you to yell your head off. For good reasons, of course.

But anyway.... the food for thought:

If you under the age and can't grab a beer at the tailgater, you will probably be able to walk in a straight line through the stadium gates, and there you can collect yourself, and make a decision to by a Pepsi.. Also embedded in that article: OSU will use Gatorade products this year for the first time in ten years.

Tickets still remain, with several "attractive" options available. Get your Civil War tickets while you can, and let's keep the stadium Orange and Black. Get that lightning yellow crap out of here.

In other college football news, Sam Keller, formerly of Arizona State, has transferred to Nebraska. He did this after being beat out at the starting job by Rudy Carpenter. Which surprised me, because I thought Keller was a really good quarterback... Who is this Rudy guy?

Never underestimate a guy named Rudy.

That one Booty guy you remember from a couple years back at USC? He's the starter.

The Harris Interactive Poll got a four year extension. This should spark some interesting debate.

Also... Stanford is almost finished renovating Stanford Stadium. It looks great. Click "Read More" at the bottom of this page if you're interested in the before and after pictures. We'll be paying a visit on November 18.

So with game day 6 days away, expect the rest of the team previews as well as a deluge of game previews in the next few days.

Go Beavers!


Stanford Stadium

The Before:

The After:

or check out...