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2006 OSU Football Season Preview - Part 3 - Wide Receivers

We all know what the gaping void in the Beavers offense will be this season, but fans will need to put those memories out of the minds this year. We have some talent at wide receiver, but we aren't returning anyone that will be able to play at the level of Mike Hass.

Sammie Stroughter, Anthony Wheat-Brown, and Ruben Jackson should be our three starters this year. We also have Branden Powers waiting in the wings, and he should get some playing time as well.

The Wide Receivers will really need to step up to help Matt Moore. I think part of the reason Moore threw a lot of interceptions last year was because of the confidence he had in Mike Hass. Hass could come down with the ball even in double and triple coverage. Not all receivers can do that... but every once in awhile your star receiver is not going to be able to make the play, and an interception will be the result. This year, our QB's will have to make smarter decisions and throw to the open man, and the Wide Receivers will have to seal the deal, with crisp, clean routes and execution.

Go Beavers!