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NFL Preseason Week 1 Round-up: Beavs in the Pro's

I know all of our minds are mostly set on Mike Hass, so... I'll start there. Mike debuted with the Saints today, againt Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans. He finished 4th on the team in yards, getting 3 completions for 28 yards. We'll continue to keep an eye on him in the coming weeks.

Next... Derek Anderson. He is currently somewhere around 4th string on the depth chart with Cleveland. In Thursday's game against the Eagles, he was 3/4 with 21 yards, and no interceptions.

Nick Barnett impressed me the little I saw of him tonight in Green Bay. Green Bay's defense looked tough, but man, they need to find a way to protect their QB's. Brett Farve isn't going to last very long at this rate, the Chargers tore them apart.

Last I heard, Tim Euhus was traded to New Orleans. He isn't on NO's Depth Chart. Maybe they haven't updated. We'll keep tabs on him as well. Steven Jackson looked great for the Rams. He had 5 runs for 41 yards, but he looked way better than his stats. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a break out year.

TJ Houshmandzadeh and Chad Johnson are both in Cincinnati, and they kickoff tomorrow night against the Redskins.

I know I missed a few, but I'll be sure to keep tabs on all of our Beloved Beavers as the season progresses.

Go Beavers!