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2006 OSU Football Season Preview - Part 2 - Offensive Line

The O-Line should be one of the strongest units on the team this year. They return all 5 starters from last year, and they will only lose two of those guys after this season. Bringing in Coach Mike Cavanaugh last year made the Offensive Line much better, and they transformed running back Yvenson Bernard into the #9 back in the nation. Three players from last year's line earned post season honors.

And now, a look at the guys up front:

Adam Koets, Left Tackle (Sr, 6-6, 294)

Jeremy Perry, Left Guard (So. 6-2, 313)

Kyle DeVan, Center (Jr. 6-2, 294)

Roy Schuening, Right Guard (Jr. 6-4, 318)

Josh Linehan, Right Tackle (Sr. 6-5, 305)


Expect the Offensive Line to improve even more throughout the season. They should open even bigger holes for Yvenson Bernard. Also, Joe Newton will be back, and will contribute his blocking abilities as well as help out receiving on short yardage and red zone scoring opportunities. Yvenson, Newton, and the entire Offensive Line should be improved.

Up Next: Running Backs

Go Beavers!