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Goss Stadium Renovations

After winning the National Championship, in the process becoming a bigger hit with  recruits, as well as having to compete to re-sign their head coach, the Oregon State Baseball program is now looking to make improvements to their facilities.

The biggest visible improvement will be a new state of the art $500,000 scoreboard. It will replace the 20-year old Halbrook Memorial Scoreboard in right center field. The old scoreboard was sold to Tualatin High School. OSU's new scoreboard will provide replay capabilities, as well as improve the look of the stadium. As you can see below, the steel frame has been put into place, but the actual scoreboard will arrive in the next week or two.

Photo by Tzu-Ying Chen / The Summer Barometer

In addition, a turf infield will be added. It will be installed in October, right after fall practice ends. That way, it will be installed before the heavy rains start. The only dirt in the infield will be at home plate and on the pitcher's mound. The base paths and on-deck circles will all be dirt-colored turf.

The turf will mean less cancelling and postponing games, as well as less hassle dealing with a full infield tarp. The Beaver logo will also be added behind home plate.

Plans are currently in the works to extend the permanent bleachers down the right and left field lines. This is expected to all be in place by the 2008 season.

Go Beavers!