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Morning Orange Juice

I think I'm going to stick with the Orange Juice thing. I just realize it has lots of meanings. 1, I don't like coffee. 2, Orange is a Beaver color! And thats all I got. So I'm going to go with it. Now...

Orson adds:

We won't tell you that riding a motorcycle is a bad idea. But Craft was wearing a helmet, and as someone who's skid across pavement into the side of a black sedan after laying a bike down, there's no safe way to do it. None. It's like playing football with rhinoceroses; if and when you get hit, you will lose to whatever else is out there, and you will lose badly.
  • De Carolis gave head women's basketball coach LaVonda Wagner a  one year extention on her contract. That means we're stuck with her until the 2011 season. But thats not a bad thing.

Go Beavers!