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Ruben Jackson, Marcell Love Ineligible?

Brooks Hatch of the Gazette Times is the bearer of bad news today; Wide Receivers Marcel Love and Ruben Jackson might be ineligible for this season, due to academic reasons.

The Beavers are desperate to fill the shoes of Mike Hass, and this would that task even more challenging.

Fans are used to seeing Hass at Wide Receiver making  great plays, and if these two guys can't make it back, the season is going to seem even longer for one thing... It's like getting your lucky charm taken away. One day you have it, next day it's gone.

It will also mean that we will have to rely heavily on other aspects of the offense. Yvenson will have to step up at running back, and our blocking will have to do the little things to improve. But Joe Newton is back, which will already drastically change the offense. If we would of had both a healthy Joe Newton and a Mike Hass in our depth chart last year, we would of been tough to beat.

The decision with Marcel and Ruben is not official, but it's out there. Come on guys, we need you.

Go Beavers!