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Hass signs with the Saints

There hasn't been much talk around BTD lately in the Mike Hass section, but it's never to late to add to the stack of posts about him.

This time, the news is official. He's a Saint.

Hass signed a 3-year deal, with a modest $91,500 signing bonus and a rookie salary of around $275,000 (non-guaranteed, of course) for 2006. Which, Paul Buker points out, didn't send Hass to the car dealership in search of a tricked-out Escalade.

Hass made his way from New Orleans to Jackson, Mississippi Wednesday for the start of training camp.

The Saints had to wave to wide receivers Wednesday, Levon Thomas from Georgia Tech and Nathan Poole from Marshal. But 10 Wide Receivers remain on the roster, as well as former Oregon State tight end Tim Euhus.

Day 1 of Saints training camp is getting underway as we speak. We'll keep you posted.