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Brilliant Press Conference by Casey and DeCarolis

Some great stories were shared in OSU Baseball's press conference today, aside from the plain fact that Casey is staying at Oregon State. From Casey:

"I went back there with a open mind, saw an incredible universary... and I want to thank them for the oppertunity they presented to me to coach at Notre Dame.
"Susan and I were standing in line to get on the plane in Chicago, and there's a kid standing there, flip flops, t-shirt, pair of shorts, and two bags and the bags hang down to his ankles and his back was too me and I said, "Man where are the kid's parents he can't carry those bags." He turns around and its Kevin Gunderson. And Gundy looks at me and I look at him and he says, "Coach, where are you going" and I said, "Chicago" and he goes, "Susans with you I know you don't vacation what are you going to chicago for?" I said, "Well can you keep a secret? I'm going to interview at Notre Dame" I said, "Where you going" he said "Chicago." We rode on the plane together he sat two seats in front of me just like it was on the way to all our away games. He had the headphones on, head back, turned around that big old grin looking at me. And when I wasn't sleeping the last few nights that picture kept coming back into my head. Him jumping into Canham's arms, and all of the sudden none of the other things mattered to me.
Casey said that he went to bed at 2:04AM after his trip to South Bend. He realizes at 2:30AM that there's this 6'5" guy standing in his doorway.

"What is it, John"?

"I don't want to go, Dad. I don't want to go."

That is just a little taste of the press conference. You can listen to the whole thing at OregonLive here, or as soon as they post their archived version.

Go Beavers!