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Casey will Remain OSU Head Coach (!)

Not much has been said as of yet, but it is almost official: Pat Casey will stay with the Beavers. Oregon State plans to hold a press conference at 1 p.m. to make the announcement, after De Carolis and Pat Casey reached an agreement yesterday. According to John Canzano, the more this dragged out, the less chances Casey had of returning. But right after I read his article, I Googled Pat Casey, and he was right. The decision had been made, and Casey is staying.

Canzano adds this morning in his blog:

I'm going to surmise that Casey realized that it was possible to win a national title in Corvallis (duh, he just did) and that this was really about respect, facilities, assistant coaches and long-term security for the program.

Immediately after the CWS the university saw an increase in donations. The potential livestock pavilion investors were given baseball caps, commemorating the achievement. And an outside agency was rumored to have been hired to study the boost of freshman enrollment that OSU expected from the national publicity.

Way to go, Beaver Nation!