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Mid-Morning Orange Juice: With Extra Pulp

From the World of Sports:

  • The college football community is mourning the loss of Northwestern Coach Randy Walker. He died Thursday night of a apparent heart attack. SMQ has a nice tribute, seen here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Walker family.
  • Apparently, over 50 riders were involved in a large doping scandal in the Tour de France. Meanwhile, Lance Armstrong sits in a limo in London outside a courthouse and laughs.
  • Bowl games are becoming a mess. Look for a subsequent post in the near future.
  • Four Oregon Duck football players are leaving the program: running back Terrell Jackson, defensive lineman Thor Pili, linebacker Tucker Callahan and offensive lineman Levi Horn. Why? They hate it. No, just kidding. They wern't
    being challenged hard enough, so they all signed with the D3 Salisbury Sea Gulls. Just kidding again...

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Go Beavers!