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Late Evening Red Bull

This is too good to pass up:

They're calling it the catch of the year. Red Sox Center Fielder Coco Crisp robs David Wright on a fly ball to save the game for the Sox.

Update [2006-6-30 14:20:39 by Jake]:Leave it to YouTube, the video was uploaded there. Here it is:

And in the post-game interview, Coco adds:

"I had a Red Bull right before the inning and they say a Red Bull has wings so I needed all of that to get up there and make that catch"

The Endorsement is in the bag. Coco's Catch will be coming on a commercial to a television set near you soon.

Update [2006-6-30 16:11:22 by Jake]: It just hit me... this is the position Jacoby Ellsbury is trying to earn. We'll have to see what happens. I'll keep a closer eye on this situation....