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The Latest Scoop on Ellsbury

After posting about Coco Crisp's phenomanal catch last night, It hit me that Jacoby Ellsubury is working up to that same position. I thought I'd offer a secondary update to my previous weak-sauce installment.

I did a little research to find out how he's doing, and apparently he is overcoming some injuries. Read for yourself, from the Boston Globe:

CF Jacoby Ellsbury -- Ellsbury, the club's top pick last year, has had to overcome injuries to his wrist late last season and right quadriceps early this season. But his totals haven't suffered. In 35 games at short-season Single A Lowell and 49 games at Single A Wilmington he's combined to hit .314 with 41 steals. "Jacoby has the skills to impact the game offensively [including on the bases] and defensively," Cherington said. "He's got a simple, compact swing, and the ball jumps off his bat. He has been one of the better offensive players in the Carolina League while playing in a pitchers' park and pitchers' league. Defensively, he has made dramatic improvement in his jumps and reads, which has allowed his speed and athleticism to translate into above-average defense."

And since we always like visual proof, here's a picture:

See, he's still alive...

Hopefully in a couple years he will be ready for the big leagues.