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Author's Note: Thanks for bearing with me while I was on vacation. It was a tough time for me to be gone with all the excitement in Omaha that I was missing. Blogging will resume at a steady pace from this point on. ~Jake

Now... the exciting stuff:

You hate to see title games be decided by errors. For North Carolina, the unlucky fate fell into their hands on Monday.

This victory means the Beavers faced elimination in 6 different games. They won every time.

In fact, the Beavers got their first ever College World Series wins while facing elimination. No other Beaver team had ever won a game at the tournament.

Jonah Nickerson pitched a solid game: 6 1/3 innings, 7 strikeouts, and 1 walk. Both North Carolina runs were scored against him. But heck: He had tired legs, a stiff back, and it was the third time he'd started in 8 days. Nickerson was  a solid choice for the tournament's MVP. Jonah threw a total of 321 pitches in Omaha.

Dallas Buck came in the 8th inning, the same inning that Bill Rowe scored on a fielding error by North Carolina's second baseman. He earned the win, which was a good end to his season. He had been struggling in Oregon State's run in Omaha.

Great Job, Guys. This victory will change the entire athletic program.

Now all we need is a friggin Football Championship.

Go Beavers!