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College World Series Updates

I would like to take this first oppurturnity I've gotten to blog in nearly a week to update you on the basics of the College World Series this far. Since I've been on vacation, I've hardly seen any of these games, and you probably know more than I do. Here are the final scores so far:

Game 1:  11-1 Loss Against Miami
Game 2:  5-3 Win Over Georgia
Game 3:  8-1 Win Over Miami
Game 4:  5-0 Win Over Rice
Game 5:  2-0 Win Over Rice

And in the championship...

Game 6:  4-3 Loss to North Carolina
Game 7:  11-7 Win Over North Carolina
Game 8:  3-2 Win Over North Carolina


Go Beavers!

Feel free to chime in with anything below.