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Everything's Bigger in Texas: Scoreboard Edition

The Texas Longhorns have just lined up to have the World's Largest High Definition scoreboard installed at Royal Memorial Stadium. Officials say it will be installed readay for the 2006 season.

The UT scoreboard, which will be 134 feet wide and 55 feet high, will be the world's largest big-screen TV. For big screen enthusiasts, thats a 1,740 incher. Yeah. Gives you shivers just thinking about that thing in your living room, huh?  

Officials also say that this scoreboard will be the centerpiece of $8 million dollars of Audio/ Video upgrades at Texas. Which makes me wonder... how much would something like that cost?

Currently, the World's Largest HD Scoreboard is in the hands of the Miami Dolphins. They just had two new scoreboards installed at Dolphin Stadium. The bigger of the two is currently the largest in the world. The Texas scoreboard will be the only one larger, unitl presumably a horse race track in Tokyo builds one even bigger.

But to put this into perspective... The Texas Scoreboard will be bigger than this:

I don't know about you, but that's pretty tough to beat...

And if that picture doesn't do justice for you, see it in action here at the unveiling.

Look for more editions of "Everything is Bigger in Texas" coming soon.