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Game 2: Oregon State vs. Stanford Updates

Since I was unable to go to tonights game, I will instead update on the game in this space. Here we go- OSU vs. Stanford, Game 2.

Game is just underway. We'll see Jonah Nickerson for the Beavs and Nolan Gallagher for Stanford.

Top 1
OSU up, runners on the corners for Bill Rowe. Rowe takes Gallagher to center, Kunda scores. 2-0 Beavers. John Wallace caught looking on a horrible call. Bases loaded for Mitch Canham, two outs. Canham hit by pitch, runner scores from third. McFeely hits a shot to center, Rowe and Graham score. 4-0 Beavers. Santschi up. Line drive to right, Stanford right feelder Micheal Taylor guns Mitch Canham out at the plate. 3 outs.

Bottom 1
Jonah Nickerson with back to back strikeouts. Two down. Groundout to Kunda at second for the 3rd out. 4-0 Beavers after 1.

After 1
Stanford has looked out of gas tonight. Maybe they used it all up against Texas.

Top 2
Beavers go 1,2,3, and Stanford shows some life.

Bottom 2
Stanford Right Fielder Micheal Taylor up to bat. At 6-6, 250: Watch out. He flies out, no problems. One out. Next batter flies out. 2 down. Yet another fly out. Side retired.

After 2
Both teams go down quick in the second, but Oregon State still has a 4 run cushion. 4-0 Beavers.

Top 3
Bill Rowe hit by pitch. Graham at bat. Graham takes it to right, base hit. Runners on first and second for Wallace. Wallace goes down on strikes, 1 out. 4-6-3 double play, Side Retired.

Bottom 3
Ball hit to Barney, who throws to Rowe at first for the first out. Nickerson srikes out the next batter, he's retired 8 straight. Ground out to Barney, 9 Cardnials have been put out in a row.

After 3
A little excitement for the Beavers, but no runs in the third. Oregon State needs to really take advantage of baserunners. They've had some problems not getting runners in tonight, as well as last night. But, they're still off to a good start, 4-0 Beavers.

Top 4
Shea McFeely gets a lead off base hit, Scott Santschi at bat. Santschi homers deep over the center field fence. 2 RBI's for Santschi as he gets his second homer of the year. Stanford pitching coach out to the mound, and Gallagher is done. Erik Davis is coming in for Stanford. Barney at bat, and he drills it up the middle for a base hit. 6-0 Beavers! Wild pitch moves Barney to second. Kunda at bat. Kunda walks on 4 pitches. Gillespie at bat. Gillespie gets on at first by a error on the thrid baseman. Bases loaded- Gillespie, Kunda, and Barney on base. Rowe up. Rowe singles to right, two runs score! OSU leads, 8-0 Beavers, no outs, runners on first and third. Tyler Graham with a blooper down the third base line. One run scores, Rowe moves to third, Graham gets to second with a double. Another new pitcher for Stanford, they want Austin Yount. Batter hit for the Beavers, and a high fly ball to the warning track by the next batter, didn't catch his name. Everybody tags up, Rowe scores from thrid. 10-0 Beavers. McFeely up, grouds out. 2 Outs. Santschi up. He homered to center earlier this inning. Santschi strikes out to end the inning. Great inning for the Beavers- 11 batters came to the plate, 6 scored.

Bot 4
Seawell leaded off with a walk, breaking Nickerson's streak of retired batters. Escue out on strikes. Chris Minaker with a single, runners on first and second. Micheal Taylor aka- "The Beast" singles to short, Minaker moves to second, Seawell is put out by Barney at short. Chris Lewis walks, loading the bases. Castro at bat, grounds to Nickerson. Three Outs.

Top 5
Barney at bat, grounds out to short. Chris Kunda flies out to 1st. Gillespie lines out to third. Nothing doing for the Beavers in the 5th. Still 10-0 Beavers.

Bot 5
Hester at bat... strikes out looking. Rapoport up, grounds out to Barney. Phelps is next for Stanford. Grounds out to Kunda. A quick inning for both teams. 1,2,3,4,5,6 if you will.

Top 6
Bill Rowe will bat first for Oregon State. He's hit for the second time. Graham singles ot left, Rowe advances 90 feet. Wallace grounds out to third, advancing the runners to 2nd and 3rd. Mitch Canham at bat. He grounds through the right side, scoring Rowe and Graham. 12-0 Beavers!! Canham slides in safely at second with a stolen base. McFeely up. Flies out to The Beast in Right Field. Santschi up. He flies out to center. 2 runs for the Beavs in the 6th, 12-0 Oregon State.

Bot 6
Seawell up for Stanford. He singles to the left. Sophomore Brenden Domaracki will pinch hit for Escue. He gets a backwards K. Minaker up, grounds out to third. Taylor up, he gets a regular K. The seventh strikeout of the night for Jonah Nickerson.

Top 7
David Stringer will be the 4th pitcher of the night for Stanford. Barney up, he grounds to short. Kunda up... flies to right. Gillespie up... he strikes out. 12-0 Beavers at the stretch.

Bot 7
Lewis up.. fouls out to first. Castro walks. Hester at bat, fouls out to Rowe at first. Joey August will pinch hit. August singles, moves Castro to second. Phelps ab, grounds out to Kunda to retire the side. Through 8: OSU 12, Stanford 0.

Top 8
Stanford changes pitchers yet again and goes with freshman left Sean Ratliff. He's their 5th. But don't worry- they still have 8 left on their roster. Rowe comes up, and doubles to left center field. What a game for Rowe, he's been on base every time he's come to the plate. Tyler Graham up. A passed ball moves Rowe to third. Tyler Graham singles, scoring Bill Rowe. 13-0 Beavers... Wow. Lissman will pinch hit... he flies out. Canham makes his way to the dish. A wild pitch moves Graham to second. Canham takes one off the wall for a double. Graham scores easily from second, Canham's 5th RBI of the night. *breath* Stanford will go to the Bullpen yet again, their 6th. This time its Max Fearnow. He's a 6-4 righty, pride of... guess where? Omaha, Nebraska! Maybe after Stanford packs their bags for home Fearnow will be able to root on the Beavs in the World Series. The first batter he will face is McFeely. He fouls out to first. 2 outs. Geoff Wagner will pinch hit for Santschi. Nothing doing, he grounds out to second. 14-0 after 8.5 innings. Warm up the bus.

Bot 8 Jonah Nickerson goes back out to the hill for at least one more. He's thrown 109 pitches and has 7 K's. Seawell up... grounds to Barney. Domaracki- pronounced [Dom-a-rosk-e] comes to the plate. He flies out. Dos outs. Minaker goes for extra bases off the fence. Dan Spencer out to the mound, and this will be it for Jonah Nickerson. They're on their feet in Corvallis. Here comes set-up-man Eddie Kunz out of the Bullpen for Oregon State. The stats on Nickerson- 7.6 innings, 5 hits, 3 walks, and 7 strikeouts. Millville strikes out. Kunz is really throwing heat. That's three outs, and Oregon State will have one more at bat coming up. After 8, it's Oregon State 14, Stanford 0.

After 8
Oregon State is only 3 outs away from Omaha!

Top 9
Yet another friggin pitcher for Stanford. Stanford coach Mark Marquess 'hollers for pitcher Blake Holler. He's a Junior lefty trying to put Stanford out of it's misery. The first batter he will face is Darwin Barney. He flies out to right, one out. Kunda next. He singles to right. Gillespie singles to first, but Kunda is out at second. Rowe is up. He's been hit twice, scored 4 runs, and has 3 hits. Ouch, he's hit for a third time. Five Beavers have been hit tonight. Rowe on first, Gillespie to second. Graham up. Base hit, fifth of the game. Rowe gets to second, and Rowe scores. 15-0 Beavers. With that hit, Graham ties OSU record for hits in a game. Lissman strikes out, but the OSU fans are on their feet anyway. The Beavers only need three more outs to get to Omaha.

Bot 9
Sophomore Daniel Turpen will come in to replace Kunz. This is it: Chris Lewis at bat. He grounds out to Kunda. 2 outs away. Turpen strikes out the next batter- JJ Jelmini. 1 more out. Brian Juhl up next. He strikes out looking, and the game is over. The players are on the field. Hi-5's all around. "O-MA-HA!" "O-MA-HA!"

For those of you keeping score at home, that's a 15-0 win for the Beavers.

Wrap-up coming later.

Go Beavers!