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Leinart and Paris, Sitting in a Tree

The latest out of LA-

Fox Sports :: Leinart linked to Paris Hilton

The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that Leinart and hotel heiress/tabloid tart Paris Hilton went public Tuesday with their romance in Las Vegas.
According to the report, while publicists for Hilton were confirming her split with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, she flew to Las Vegas to join Leinart's post-NFL draft party at Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace.

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Discussing the rumor with People magazine, Hilton representative Elliot Mintz said, "She knows Matt, she likes Matt. They are friends. I don't want to go any further than that. They have known each other a while."

And last month Leinart denied he was dating Hilton when he appeared on FSN's Best Damn Sports Show Period.

But the New York Daily News has reported that Hilton has been seen going out with Leinart but was wearing a brown wig.

Leinart was recently named one of People's "100 Most Beautiful People" in the magazine's most recent issue, after spending three years as the cover-boy quarterback for Southern California, hobnobbing with Hollywood celebrities.

Ha- I love the quote:

"Leinart and hotel heiress/tabloid tart Paris Hilton went public Tuesday with their romance in Las Vegas."

So, apparently, Stavros Niarchos and Paris scheduled a shopping night, and when Stavros couldn't make it, Paris ditched him and flew to LA, but snuck off with her who-knows-how-much million dollar ring.

Naturally, she goes to Leinart. But, through all of this, Matt say's they're "just friends, nothing more". Isn't that what they all say?