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BTD Exclusive: Alexis Serna

I'd like to welcome Alexis Serna, kicker for the Beavers, to Building the Dam. Alexis won the Lou Groza Award last year, presented to the most outstanding kicker in College Football. Among things, we asked Alexis about his award, next season, and what he does to stay focused. Alexis was kind enough to respond with these answers: Enjoy!

Building the Dam: After being awarded the Lou Groza award for the most outstanding place kicker in College Football after your sophomore year, what are you doing to improve your game for the remaining two years? Alexis Serna, Oregon State Beavers: Just working on my consistency. I felt I did not have a good enough year. I want to work on my leg strength as well. BTD: What was it like to be awarded the Groza Award? Serna: Like I've always said, it's like the Heisman for a kicker. It's an amazing feeling at the moment. Once I got back, it really did not mean much because our season was done and I have two more years to perform. It will be my high point of my career but I have so much more to go.BTD: How do you think the Beavers offense will change on 3rd and 4th down short yardage situations with Joe Newton back in the lineup? Do you think this will affect the amount of attempts you will get this year? Serna: I think it will be a lot different with Joe. I'm trying to prepare myself to not getting as much short field goals as I did last year. I think once we get in the redzone, we're most likely going to punch it in somehow. Yvenson and Joe will help us get more touchdowns and first downs. BTD: Placekicker has to be one of the toughest positions to play mentally in football. You want to get on the field as many times as possible, but at the same time you want your team to score touchdowns instead. Also, kickers may sit the entire game and be expected to deliver at any certain moment. What do you do to stay loose and 'in the zone' during games? Serna: I just make sure I get my kicks in the net to stay warm. If I feel I've gone to long without kicking, I'll get some kicks in the net. I try not to think to much. I feel the key is to think as little as possible. Every kick is the same to me, no matter if it's an extra point in the 1st quarter or a game winner. BTD: Thanks, Alexis, for taking the time to talk to us.Go Beavers!