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Oregon State: One of the worst dressed teams in College Football?

Kyle over at Dawg Sports has recently added Oregon State to his list of Worst Dressed Teams in College Football. I mean... are the uniforms really that bad?

He says:

Earlier, I became so focused on the atrociousness of Oregon's uniforms that I forgot about the Ducks' archrival, the Oregon State Beavers, who (with apologies to Every Day Should Be Saturday) seem to live by the motto, "Every Saturday should be Halloween."  Black and orange just make for a bad look, particularly for a program that is struggling to be taken seriously on a national scale.

In any other state, they wouldn't be the second-ugliest.

But really... I thought they were pretty cool. Maybe its because I'm a Beaver (heh...) and I bleed Orange and Black. So maybe it looks good to us, but not to them.

I don't know.

Or maybe that picture looks good to me just because Mike Hass is in it. Another possible reason.

A comment on Kyle's post mentions Oregon State as having a:

"Jumbled shoulder mess"

But hey, at least they're not this bad:

Okay, Beaver Nation: What do you think?

The phone lines are open.

Go Beavers!