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Open Thread: Quarterbacks Revisited

I'd like to once again draw attention to my previous post on Oregon State's quarterbacks. Results from our last poll show that 68% of BTD's readers think that Matt Moore deserves the nod.

As I said before, I also think Matt should get the starting position. He has more experience, game time, and overal know-how of the offense. I'm sure the name Matt Moore brings a grimace to some people's faces, as he had a less-than-average touchdown to interception ratio last year. As he grows as a QB, I think he will learn to handle the ball more effectively, and turn those interceptions into receptions.

On the other side of the story, Sean Canfield will also take a good stab at the starting position. None of us for the most part have ever seen him play, and all the information we're getting is from the media. It sounds to me that he will be a great quarterback, it will just take him time to grow into the position. Remember, he has already been with the team one year as a redshirt freshman, signalling in plays alongside Mike Riley. I'm sure he has already picked up on the basics, and is capable to jump right in.

As for Gunderson, I don't know how great of a shot he has. We all know he was the replacement for Moore last year when he was injured late in the season, but he wasn't that impressive. Sure, he had sat out the whole first part of the season, and had little notice that he would be jumping into the offense so quickly. I just don't think he is doing enough to gain attention from the coaches.  

Lets start a discussion here. What do you think? I'd like to hear everyone's opinion.

In the meantime, vote in the new poll you see to the right.

Go Beavers!