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OSU "Boat Rowers" Place in Pac-10 Championships

Okay... right off the bat, I'll admit it right here... I'm not that big of a "boat rowing" fan. But here is my question, any "boat rowing" buffs out there might be able to help me.

Why is men's "boat rowing" called crew, and women's called rowing? What's the difference? Anyway, just a observation.... maybe I'm totally nuts. Actually, I probably am.


  • The Men's Crew took 3rd in the Pac-10. Only behind UW and Stanford.

  • Point and Laugh: Oregon was last.

  • Women's Rowing took 7th at the Pac-10 championships.

  • Clarification: Women's Rowing was 7th out of 7 Pac-10 teams. Who cares, we still love you guys...

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Go Beavers!