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Mike Hass Spotted in New Orleans

For all you worry-warts, soccer moms, and parents who wouldn't even let your kid cross the driveway unattended, here is proof that Mike Hass actually made it to New Orleans.

(Sidenote: The Saints started Mini-camp Saturday. Turns out Reggie Bush tweaked a hamstring, but he should be okay.)

Check out this video on MSN here. About 1:13 into the clip, Reggie Bush is shown on the screen in uniform. Then... (wait for it, wait for it...) about 1:19... a player wearing #18 comes into the screen... -squints- "H-A-S-S"!! It's Mike Hass! There you have it, folks. Watch as he stands with his arms on his hips, LOOKS INTO THE CAMERA!!... and gets ready for the play. There he goes.... THEN... about 2:35 into the clip... Reggie runs another play, and then Coach Payton walks up the field... and... PAUSE IT! There's Mike Hass again! On the sidelines! #18!!

Those are all the only Mike Hass sightings we've had today. When he is spotted again, you'll be the first to know.