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"Hey, that white kid is pretty good!"

As Promised, More on Hass:

It appears that the New Orleans Saints coaching staff are finally starting to realize that Mike Hass is a better receiver than they first thought.

from New Orleans Pro Football


WR Mike Hass, who has had one of the consensus best performances so far, will miss Monday's practice as NFL rules do not allow him to practice with his team before his school lets out. The same applies to 7th round pick OL Zach Strief. The schools affected are Cincinnati, Northwestern, Ohio, Ohio State, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, and Washington. Hass drew some of the most substantial praise from Payton: "Hass is catching everything that's thrown to him, so that's encouraging... Through three practices, you're seeing a guy who when you throw to him he catches the football... Like said yesterday, as a receiver, the one thing you have to be able to do is catch and we expect them to do that. We expect them to block. He's done a good job so far."

Upon closer look, check out that tape he has on his helmet. "Hass"... Wouldn't they know that by now?