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Dennis Erickson headed for Arizona State, Riley will stay put

Idaho athletic director Rob Spear announced tonight that Dennis Erickson is indeed heading for Arizona State.

Spear was very disappointed at DE's decision, and was quoted of saying:

"Had we known that we were going to end up in this situation we would never have gone down that road. We made a commitment and we thought we had a commitment from the other end, but I wish Dennis Erickson the best."

I mean, come on. Here's a guy that's won two National Championships with Miami, turned our Oregon State team around after 20-some consecutive losing seasons, and you don't expect him to get offers in the off-season.

He's a Pac-10 caliber coach, and will make a big impact on the Arizona State program. He's going to get more than $214,000 a year, and his contract runs through 2010.

Best of luck to Dennis at Arizona State. And may we hopefully beat you for the second year in a row.

Go Beavers!