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Rasing Reser: Phase II: South End Zone

With the Beavers conculding their home football schedule with a win over the Ducks two weeks ago, construction has begun on the South End Zone. The plan is to "bowl" that side of the stadium. From what I understand, this offseason the lower deck is going to be added, with supports in place to add the upper deck in the future.

However, there are plans to add a new JumboTron on top of the new South End Zone. If they did this, as you see in the picture below, I don't see how we could build a upper deck on top of it.

Still, this will make a nice addition to the stadium, and the new JumboTron is needed. (And it's about time for the "Color Message Center" to go.)

If you want a current image, take a look here.

Go Beavers!