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Twenty-Oh-Six :: A Look Back

Two Thousand Six. There is no other year in resent history that can compete with Oregon State's achievements on the playing fields in the last twelve months. A NCAA National Championship in baseball. A College World Series appearance in softball. The Women's Gymnastics Team- assuming I understand this right- earned 5th place in the Country.  The Football team won the second most games in school history, finishing the year at 10-4. After starting the season 2-3, the Beavers won 7 of their last 8, beating then #3 USC, Oregon, and Hawaii along the way. This finish earned the Beavers third in the Pac-10, and a  Sun Bowl appearance. In the Sun Bowl, the Beavers pulled off an incredible come from behind victory against Missouri. The Beavers entered the Sun Bowl ranked #24 in the nation, so we can only assume the Beavers will move up in the poll when the final rankings come out.

Enjoy the assortment of pictures below, reliving this year in Beaver sports.

(Photos from The Oregonian the The AP, and

Happy New Year, and Be Safe!

Go Beavers!