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Moore etches his name in Oregon State history

With 356 yards passing against Missouri in the Sun Bowl- his best game of the year- Matt Moore passed Jonathan Smith's 2000 season, as well as Erik Wilhelm's 1996 and 1988 season on the All-Time Single Season Passing Yards list. Moore had 3,022 passing yards this season, 311 yards more than he racked up in 2005, his junior year. Moore's 2006 season has to be one of the best quarterback stories of the year, with Moore going from Public Enemy #1 on the Oregon State campus, to the hero of the Beavers' resurrected season.

In the Beavers' last eight games, which they won 7, Matt had over 175 yards in every game. He passed for over 245 yards in six of those last 8 games.

The amazing thing about what Matt Moore has done, is he's climbed the Career Passing Yards chart in two years. Every player on the list you see below, with the exception of Alvin Smith in 1973-74, has played three of four years at Oregon State. Give Matt one more season, say, his sophomore season at Oregon State, and he would of been flirting with passing Jonathan Smith or even Derek Anderson at the top of this list. Both of these guys played four years at Oregon State, so give Matt another year, his freshmen year, and if he would of kept similar numbers to what he already did at Oregon State, and he's the leading passer in Oregon State history.

Single Season Passing Yards
Player Yards Year
Derek Anderson 4,058 2003
Derek Anderson 3,615 2004
Derek Anderson 3,313 2002
Jonathan Smith 3,053 1999
Matt Moore 3,022 2006
Erik Wilhelm 2,896 1988
Erik Wilhelm 2,871 1986
Jonathan Smith 2,773 2000
Matt Moore 2,711 2005

Career Passing Yards
Player Yards Years
Derek Anderson 11,249 2001-04
Jonathan Smith 9,680 1998-01
Erik Wilhelm 9,383 1985-88
Matt Moore 5,733 2005-06
Terry Baker 3,476 1960-62
Ed Singler 3,399 1979-82
Alvin White 3,099 1973-74
Steve Endicott 2,940 1969-71

We'll take a look at some other Beavers from this season that have climbed into the Oregon State record books in the coming days.

Go Beavers!