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It was an impressive win for the Beavers, a win in which they pulled off a late game rally to beat Missouri. Some were calling it the best bowl game of the year, until Texas Tech played a few hours later and proceeded to make history by overcoming a 31 point third quarter deficit to beat Minnesota.

Under Armour Rulzz!

The Oregon State win featured a lot of guys stepping up. Moore had a great game. So did Yvenson. Sammie was fantastic. And Newton made some nice catches, although I don't think he is anywhere near the level he was two years ago. He's lost the ability to break tackes for extra yards. I swear; look at replays. Catch it, fall down. Catch it, fall down. Almost every time.

I'm still trying to decide who deserves the MVP for this game. The obvious choices would be Moore, Bernard, or Stroughter, but I like to examine the roll everyone played before making my final decision.

Maybe the MVP award should go to Missouri's coaching staff. If they wouldn't have elected to call a timeout with 0:22 seconds left to try to "ice" Alexis Serna's apparent field goal try, (He's made over 100 in a row) maybe our coaching staff wouldn't of changed their mind to go for two.

Or, excuse me, gotten words of encouragement from Yvenson Bernard to put the game in his hands, and go for two. I can only imagine what that conversation was between Riley and Yvenson.

Or maybe Katie Couric deserves the MVP, because we all really wanted to watch a line of black limousines escort President Gerald Ford's casket into a cathedral over a good college football game. I missed six minutes of the second quarter, during of which I learned from the radio broadcast that Matt Moore could have injured his shoulder. I couldn't actually see what happened, because I felt like I was trying to watch a funeral service from a church parking lot. Good call, CBS.

But anyway, I tip my El Pasoan Sombrero to Riley to go for the two point conversion. That's one of those calls that turns you into a hero if your players convert, or Public Enemy #1 if they don't.

Riley: "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! You're my hero!" (Sol Neelman/ The Oregonian)

At least the Missouri players will leave El Paso with hair dryers.

And by the way, Tony Temple is good.

Moore tomorrow.

Go Beavers!