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Bowl Prediction Challenge :: December 29

Today's Matchups:

  • The AutoZone Liberty Bowl. Ca-Ching! (Houston vs. South Carolina)
  • The Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl. Ca-Ching! (Clemson vs. Kentucky)
  • The Insight Bowl (Texas Tech vs. Minnesota)
  • The Champs Sports Bowl Ca-Ching! (Purdue vs. Maryland)
  • The Brut Sun Bowl Ca-Ching! (Oregon State vs. Missouri)





Liberty Bowl


Music City Bowl


Champ Sports


Insight Bowl


The Sun Bowl simulation was so crazy, I'm going to have to give you the details:

Oregon State was up 22-17 with about 3 minutes left in the game. They drive the length of the field, but Joe Newton drops a third down pass in the end zone, forcing the Beavers to settle for a field goal. Serna punches it through, giving the Beavers a 25-17 lead. Missouri sputted, and was forced to go for it on fourth down from about their own 40 yard line. Their running back proceeds to break a 60 yard run for a easy touchdown. The Tigers need a 2 point conversion to tie the game at 25, which they convert on a play action swing pass. Sammie Stroughter returns the ball to the 30, and the Beavers get the ball back with 0:19 on the clock, 70 yards to go. Moore completes pass on an out pattern to Brandon Powers, who after breaking a tackle, gains 20 and goes out of bounds. The ball is at midfield with 0:13 seconds on the clock. Moore throws a hail mary to Sammie Stroughter, (no idea why) which literally (I watched the replay) takes a crazy bounce off his back, and is caught perfectly by Brandon Powers, who was trailing nearly ten yards behind Sammie. This sets up a 49 yard field goal that Serna knocks down as time expires to win the game. Craa-zy.

The Predictions:

Brut Sun Bowl



Go Beavers!