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Trinkets and Trash :: Sun Bowl Edition

Believe it or not, College Football bowl games are not just played for wins and losses. There are also the goodie bags.

And I mean, how often do you get to play in a game sponsored by a men's fragrance company?

Here are what participants in tomorrow's Sun Bowl will receive:

  • A Sony Walkman Portable DVD Player, along with Sony Noise Reduction Headphones (Value: $309)
  • A Silvertone watch from Timely Watch Co. of Frisco, Texas
  • An Armor Gear Backpack
  • A long-sleeve mock turtleneck and baseball hat, both with the Sun Bowl and team logos.
  • A wind shirt
  • A commemorative coin made by VP Sports of El Paso

If you don't believe me, check out the picture below:

But the real kicker, apparently left out of the picture, is the Helen of Troy hair dryer.

I am not joking. A hair dryer. In a gift bag for a college bowl game.

This gift would be perfect for kickers, quarterbacks, and the girlfriends of the players. Nothing makes bowl game memories flood back like a hair dryer. I wonder if the Sun Bowl logo is donned on these hair dryers too.... I guess you get your advertising however you can.

This package comes out to a total retail value of $499.30, 70 cents shy of the NCAA limit of $500.

But this quote, by Sun Bowl Executive Director Bernie Olivas, is icing on the cake:

"All the gifts were purchased, except for the hair dryers which were donated by Helen of Troy."


DVD Player and Headphones: 309 dollars.

A new watch: 50 dollars.

A new turtleneck, wind shirt, baseball cap, coin, and backpack: 150 dollars.

Winning a bowl game and remembering it every day when you dry your hair?



Go Beavs!