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The New Orleans Bowl

If you prefer the proper name, R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. ca-ching!

Lets hope this bowl game is more exciting than last nights' Pioneer Pure Vision Las Vegas Bowl. Hopefully, by the third quarter, the Ugly Button will not be in use.

It should be an interesting matchup, with Rice (7-5, Conference USA) and Troy (7-5, Sun Belt) going head to head. Neither teams have had extraordinary seasons, but they did enough to get to the post season. Rice's WR Jarrett Dillard leads the nation in touchdown receptions with 20, and agverages just less than 100 yards a game.

The Game is just getting underway on ESPN2.

The Predictions:




This is Rice's first bowl game in *hold your breath* 45 years, but I'm taking the Owls in this one.