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Stocking Stuffer #1: The Ugly Button

After watching the Ducks go down in embarrassing fashion, this is one of those moments where you can't help but laugh.

In fact, in order to make this predicament even more worthwhile, I've created an invention, modeled after the Easy Button from Staples.

I call it the Ugly Button. It would make a perfect addition to your coffee table, right next to your beer coaster and the remotes. Just press the button, and listen as the button croaks out "That Was Ugly!" time and time again!

That was Ugly!

So, after watching the Ducks get beat 38-8 by BYU, woudn't it be great to kick back in the recliner, take a swig of your drink, and take a nice swing at the Ugly Button?

That was Ugly!

Coming Soon to a Duck Bookstore near you.

Go Beavers!