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Helmet Envy, Anyone?

I know that many of you, during the course of watching the Ducks get blistered in the Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl, thought to yourselves, "Dang. Why are the Ducks always wearing cooler uniforms than we are?" And why are they always so much more successful than us when they wear their fancy garb?

I am here to bring you the news, that after a few hours of very extensive meetings, Head Coach Mike Riley and AD Bob de Carolis have finally decided to end your prolonged state of jealousness. The two men, in cooperation with Crayola, designed a new helmet that will be put into use next year at Oregon State. Rumor has it that these new lids will be worn with an all new completely orange uniform, much like the orange replica jerseys you've seen kids wearing around Reser.

Da da....

Go Beavers!