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The Las Vegas Bowl

Or, if you prefer the proper name, The Pioneer Pure Vision Las Vegas Bowl. ca-ching!

Well, Bowl #2 of the 2006-07 College Football Season will be underway in less than two hours, and it just happens to feature our Interstate Rivals, the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks are the first of six Pac-10 teams that will play in a bowl this season, and standing in their way of a victory are the Brigham Young Cougars of the Mountain West Conference.

Wait a minute. I take that back. The only thing standing in the way of the Ducks... is... themselves.

Okay, Okay, hear me out. I mean, think about it for a minute. The Ducks have so much speed it's crazy. They've got enough hops to keep Hollywood happy for a year. And they can afford to fly their recruits around on leer jets and let them feast on oysters. They've got more uniform combinations than the average adult female has shoes. Their locker room door is hydrolic. They can access the internet from their football locker. (Probably so they can check their own stats at halftime) I'm tellin ya, they're psyching themselves out.

All they need to do is get everything clicking and in-sync, and they're scary. Except for their kicking game. heh.

So, here we go, with bowl game #2 of the season.

The Predictions:




All BYU has to do is not get distracted by shiny objects, (ie, the Ducks Helmets) and I expect them to win this game.

I'm taking the Cougars in this one.