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Man vs. Computer vs. Inanimate Object

Well, I am a little late on this post, as one bowl has already been played, but I will get to that in a minute.

As college football heads into Bowl Season, here at Building the Dam, we have implemented a contest to see who can correctly predict the most bowl games.

Let's meet the contestants:

Contestant #1: staff (aka, me)

Contestant #2: The Mighty XBox

Contestant #3: A coin

So here's how it works. For each College Bowl Game, I will take my best guess, I'll simulate the game on the XBox, and then flip a coin (Home team-heads, Visitor- tails). The winner will be the contestant that correctly picks the most games after the culmination of the BCS National Championship January 8th.

For Tuesdays game, although I did not get a post up in time, only the XBox correctly picked TCU to beat Northern Illionis. That puts the current standings at:




0 1 0

Here is the place to submit your predictions and wagers on who you think will win this challenge.

Go Beavers!