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The Home Stretch: It Begins Now

The Beavers are 6-3, they just cracked into the BCS Poll, and they have 4 games left to complete their record 13 game season. The Beavers need one more win to become Bowl eligible and make their season 14 games long. Hopefully they can get that this weekend in LA.

Like I've said in the last few posts, If the Beavers beat UCLA and Stanford, then top their conference schedule with a win against the Ducks, they can find themselves in the Holiday Bowl if the planets align with the rest of the Pac-10. If they do that, then they can go try and make some waves on the islands of Hawaii, and take a stab at a 10-3 season.

So here is what we've got left:

November 11


Pre-Season, I wouldn't of guessed that the Beavs would be coming into this game with the edge over UCLA, but they've had a hard time getting things pointed in the right direction this year. If you have ever read Bruins Nation, you probably know why. Nobody seems to like coach Karl Dorrell, and he is in the hot seat whether he will remain head coach for another season. I'm prediction a win for the Beavs in this game.

November 18

at Stanford

Stanford, well, is Stanford. So far they are the bottom plate on the shelf in the Pac-10, with a 0-9 record. If they're going to get a win this season, their best hope is against Washington this Saturday. After that, they've got the Beavers and Cal.

I say that the Beavers go 8-3 with a win over the Cardinal in their brand new stadium.

November 24

vs. Oregon

Aaah, the Civil War. The home team has won what... 9 seasons in a row? The Beaver fan in me says that the streak will go to 10 games this season, and wouldn't that be sw-a-heet! The Ducks were ranked high at the beginning of the season, until Cal pulled out their atrocious-yellow jerseys and whooped em'. That trick works every time... so why not some Bright Orange jerseys for the Civil War? Pull a little Phil Knight on them or something... come out in all black... go in the locker room 15 minute to game time, and come out in Orange! Why not?

As far as a prediction, this one could go either way, but I do believe the Beavers will also win against the Ducks for their (get this!)7th straight Pac-10 victory.

December 2

at Hawaii

Hawaii, well, I don't really know what to expect. I know that their forte is passing the ball. And they have a highly explosive offense. Colt Brennan has the highest QB Ration in College Football, he has the third most passing yards, Hawaii averages the most points per game in Division 1-A (behind Boise State), and also gains the most yards per game.

But those are just numbers.

The thing that is going against Hawaii is their strength of schedule. They play in the WAC, so they don't get to see Pac-10 teams that often. Of course, Oregon State already played Boise State this year, also from the WAC. When those two teams played, Boise State won 41-24, but not before both teams combined for 991 yards of total offense.

So, I guess we'll see how the Beavers and the Warriors match up. Hawaii has a good offense, Oregon State has a good defense. I'm not going to make any predictions on this game yet...

So there you have it. Four games to go.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on these games below. Do you agree with my predictions? Disagree?

Leave your comments below.

Go Beavers!