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Oregon State 44, ASU 10

Thank goodness for ponchos.

Well, it was a wet one. You were probably watching the game in one of five conditions. One, the radio. Two, from under a roof at Reser, so you weren't wet, you were cold. Three, you were in a nice warm box seat somewhere. (I am jealous) Four, from a nice rainy seat somewhere. (a "regular") Or five, if you were like me, you were in the row of seats that was getting the runoff from the roof. So not only was I getting extra soaked, the raindrops were huge. And the worst thing about it is you turn around and the people four rows above you are completely dry and are giving you that fake cheezy smile. Just like the kind you get from the receptionist at the dentist office.

But rants aside, the Beavers played a great game today. The win puts them to 6-3, which is a subject I'll get to probably sometime tomorrow.

The Defense held tough again, the Offense was stellar, Sammie is a stud, and so is Serna.

I was worried early in the game that we were going to have problems because of the condition of Yvenson Bernard. He clearly wasn't 100%, and couldn't move east or west very easily. He looked to me like he was getting to the hole and then trying to plunge for as many yards as he could. He wasn't his normal self as far as breaking tackles and picking up extra yards goes. I was worried that because of the bad weather we would have to rely heavily on the running game, but this was not the case as Moore hooked up with Stroughter and the rest of the receivers time and time again for big plays. I liked the aggressiveness of our offense, even late in the game.

The Beavers have really dug themselves out of a hole. Three or four games into the season, all the fans were on their back, and the majority of BTD's readers gave the team a overall "F". Now, 9 games into the season, head over to the poll section on the right, and re-evaluate a grade for this team.

In addition to the new poll, feel free to leave comments on the game below.

Go Beavers!