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Hawaii: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

I've been thinking about this game a lot this week, and I can't make my mind up about what I think is going to happen.

There are lots of reason floating around out there about why we're going to lose this game. We're going to tropical paradise. We already finished the Pac-10 schedule, and we already know that we're headed for the Sun Bowl. We know that Hawaii has the best offense in the country, averaging about 550 total yards a game, and close to 48 points. They lead the average points per game catagory by a longshot- the second ranked team, Boise State, averages about ten points less. And on top of that, we've got a bunch of guys returning home. Those are the distractions.

But I just don't understand why we can't go in there, play our kind of football, and come out on top. We need to get pressure on Brennan, that's a must, and our secondary needs to have their best game yet.

We have a shot at this game, no doubt about it. Our guys just need to know that, come game time, it's time to play football.

Those of you going, well, have fun. We're jealous.

Go Beavers!