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Oregon State 30, Oregon 28

Wow. Rivalry games always seem like a rush. You're all excited, pumped up, your team wins, and you're like... woah. What just happened?

So, that's kinda what happened to me. I watched the game, then couldn't remember most of the game.

However, I do remember enough.

Coming into the game, we knew Oregon's punt return game was baaad. Well, they had a descent game. We only had to punt to the Ducks once or twice, and that wasn't even until the second half.

What sunk them, however, was the kicking game.

Aparently, in their insane recruiting budget, they forgot to recruit quality kickers. They took all their high-end running backs and quarterbacks and receivers on the leer jet, fed them oysters, and then took them back to tour Autzen, but probably left all the kickers in the airport.

Hate to break it to you Ducks, but it costed 'ya.

Heck, none of your kickers could even make a kick during half time warm-ups. Wide left. Wide Right. Short.

Some say practice makes perminant, and that's what happened.

If you've been reading Canzano's rescent articles, most all of them ripping the Ducks, but more especially read the article the day after the Civil War, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Belotti lost faith in his kicker, who had already missed a field goal and an extra point earlier in the game. He went with his backup, who succesfully booted the 44 yard kick right into the hands of the Beavers. Game Over.

I'll get a preview of the Hawaii game up in the coming days.

Go Beavers!