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5 Questions: Civil War Edition

As kickoff is now under 5 hours away, we bring in Oregon Blogger David Piper to answer a few questions regarding the Ducks. David blogs at Addicted to

The Ducks are basically the opposite of the Beavers... they've gone downhill considerably as the season has progressed. How did this happen?

Good question. I wish I knew the answer. Basically, Matt Moore got rid of the interception bug and somehow gave it to Dennis Dixon. Combine that with a slew of injuries to several starters, and you have really bad news. Now, should it have been this bad? Absolutely not. I cannot explain why they looked so inept against Arizona. That was inexcusable.

I heard a rumor the Bellotti might be on the chopping block but I didn't believe it... is this true?

LOL! Absolutely not. Some are certainly questioning if he is a great as he is made out to be, but that is a minority. Bellotti is in Eugene as long as he wants to be. I mean, we're still 7-4. Some people make it out like we're Stanford. While seven wins in eleven games is not a great season, it is by no means terrible.

What's your opinion on the spread offense Oregon runs? Don't you think that some more running-based packages would suit your personnel better?

There is a big debate going on in some of my blog's diaries about whether the offense should be changed. The great thing about the spread last year was that Whitehead was not a dominant running back, but was so quick and shifty that getting him the ball on screens and swing passes acted as our running game. Jonathan Stewart is much more of a power back, and it seems that he would be much more effective with the running start that he would have in a more traditional offense. It would also better suit Brady Leaf, who, at this point, probably should be starting over Dixon.

Last week the Duck Defense let Wildcat RB Chris Henry run all over them. Why did this happen, and what will the Ducks need to do from preventing a similar performance from Yvenson Bernard?

Its been happening all season. Only Stanford, UCLA, and Washington have not had 100 yard games vs. Oregon. Every decent back, and several bad ones have hit the century mark against Oregon. Some of it is injuries. Some of it is just that the defensive line is not very good. But, quite frankly, there is nothing that Oregon can do to prevent Bernard from having a good game. If they want to win, they will have to shut down the Oregon State passing game and make Bernard beat them.

Lastly, any predictions on tomorrow's uniform combination?

Probably the all white look. The really ugly yellow and white helmets that were supposed to be broken out this season never came. They could be seen, but I doubt it. In any case, expect the Ducks to look better than the Beavers will in their prison jumpsuits.


Go Beavers!