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Oregon Ducks Preview: Offense

Oregon runs a spread offense, which has always bewildered me, this season especially. They've got Jonothan Stewart, a huge, powerful, fast running back. They they've got Dante Rosario, a kid who played fullback in high school and got recruited to Oregon. Problem was, they didn't have a place for a fullback, so they converted him to a tight end. They've also got Jeremiah Johnson. So, I have always wondered why Oregon doesn't change, or at least add, a few power running packages. Or maybe some option plays. Because they've also got QB Dennis Dixon, who can throw the ball a mile, but is also a really good runner. Really, you watch him and he riminds you of Vince Young.

Dennis Dixon

Now, in the Ducks loss to Arizona, a lot of the reason the Ducks didn't fare so well, I think, falls on Dixon's shoulders. He wasn't making good decisions, throwing into triple coverages, double coverages, and just trying to force the ball to his go-to receivers. Or in Brady Leaf's case, carelessly throwing the ball away.

The Beavers need to keep pressure on Dixon all game. If we can get him off balance a bit, he's going to make some mistakes, and we need to capitalize on those.

Now that I've told you why the Ducks shouldn't run the spread offense, let me tell you why they should. They've got some crazy receivers. Jordan Kent is probably the fastest receiver I've seen at the college level in my life, and he's got some hops to go along with it. Not to mention that he's 6-5. They've also got Brian Paysinger, Cameron Colvin, James Finley, and Jaison Williams. I didn't see Jaison in the Oregon/Arizona game, which leads me to think he's hurt. I'll get an injury update later.

Cameron Colvin

There's you offensive preview. If we can do what Arizona did, which is score early, put them into comeback mode, and then make them commit turnovers, we'll be in good shape.

Go Beavers!